Who can start using DJUBO Fireball?

You need to have the DJUBO Booking Engine active for your hotel in order to use DJUBO Fireball services.

Additionally, you also need to have an active Google Local Business Listing. Learn more about Google Business Listing here.

Are there any setup costs or other integration costs involved?

Absolutely none! You only need to pay the fixed commission when you get a confirmed booking & we keep the show running for you.

How to get this service activated for our hotel?

If you are a not an existing client, click here & fill out the form, our team will get in touch to explain how you can get started.

If you are an existing DJUBO Client, DJUBO Fireball is activated for you by default. However, if you wish to deactivate the services, click here.

How soon will my ads start running after requesting activation?

Once you request activation of the DJUBO Fireball for your hotel, it will generally take 1-2 weeks for the ads to start running.

While we do try to expedite the process, due to internal checks that are conducted by Google, the time to start running ads cannot be provided by us with certainity.

Can this be used with Pay at HOtel setting in the DJUBO Booking Engine?

Yes. However, you will be required to make pre-paid payments from which the applicable commissions will keep deducting.

I don't have a Google Business Listing. How can I get listed?

  1. Don’t worry. It is a fairly simple process. Visit this link – https://business.google.com/add/info and fill out the necessary details to create an account.
  2. You should then receive a postcard containing a confirmation PIN via postal mail at your business address. You will need to enter this PIN to the listing you created in Step 1, to make it live.

Please note that this a process managed by Google and therefore it is suggested that you go through their support documentation, linked here, if you face any issues.

I can see a Google Hotel Listing for my hotel, but I don't have access to it. What should I do?

It would still be possible to run Google Hotel Ads, but in certain scenarios it may become a problem and control of your listing may be necessary.
If you are not an owner of the Google Local Business Listing, and you see an option to “Claim this Business Listing” under the listing,  we advise you to immediately take control of it. The steps to claim the business listing are somewhat similar to creating a new listing albeit the steps to add information.

If you do not see an option to claim the listing, the procedure to request control from the current owner is listed here.

It is also not advisable to create a duplicate listing and in certain cases may even not be possible.

Also, please note that Google Business Listings are a Google product and would require you to resolve any issues with Google directly.

I don't see my ad running at all. Why is that?

If you don’t see your ad running at all, then:

  1. First check if you have any rooms available for those dates at all. If not then check if your ad is showing for other dates when you have availability.
  2. If there is availability and other OTAs are showing in your Google Business Listing, then ensure that you haven’t blocked inventory on the DJUBO Booking Engine.

If you still don’t see your hotel ads running, please get in touch with our support team at support@djubo.com at the earliest.

I can see Google Hotel Ads running for my hotel, but I am still not getting any bookings. Why?

The actual bookings are dependent on the travellers themselves. If they are choosing not to book via Google Hotel Ads, then there is very little that can be done.

There are, however, a few recommendations which should ensure that you position your hotel in the best possible way to attract bookings. They are highlighted in the next FAQ.

HOw can I improve my conversions?

Even though in the end consumer choice will prevail, there are a few bases you can cover to ensure that you have done everything to attract bookings via Google Hotel Ads.

  • Offer a lower price compared to OTAs. This ensures that your ad gets maximum visibility as well as offer a compelling reason for the travellers to book via your Google Hotel Ad rather than heading off to an OTA.
  • Add better images to your Google local business listing to entice users to book your hotel.
  • Ensure all information is correct and add an appealing description for your property highlighting your USP, in your Google local business listing.
  • Get more reviews for your hotel. Google displays review summaries which contain reviews from all your online review sources. So you should try to get more reviews from your guests. If you are a DJUBO user, you can set up automated post-stay emails to guests requesting reviews from your chosen platform. Better reviews, not only help with your ad position & guest acquisition but also help improve your organic ranking in Google Hotel Search Results.


Is the DJUBO Booking Engine must to start using DJUBO Fireball?

Yes. The Fireball service & Google Hotel Ads are integrated to the DJUBO Booking Engine to provide rates & inventory, allow guests to make a reservation, collect guest payments & transfer it to your bank.

Is there any way to use the service if we have a different booking engine?

Yes. However, you will need to manually update your room inventory & rates on the DJUBO Booking Engine in addition to your existing booking engine. Learn more about the DJUBO Booking Engine here.

DO I have to pay for bookings that get cancelled later?

No. You only pay for bookings in which the guest stays with you. If there is a cancellation, simply cancel it in your DJUBO dashboard. However, for bookings where an online payment has been made, there will be a basic deduction of Standard Booking Engine Charges as per cancellation policy dictated in your DJUBO Booking Engine Agreement.

Where do Google Hotel Ads appear?

Google Hotel Ads showcase your hotel on Google.com and Google Maps, across desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. To learn more about visibility of Google Hotel Ads, click here to watch this explainer video.

how is the position of the ads determined?

The position of the ads is determined by a complex algorithm that is governed & known to Google alone. While it combines a number of factors, the 2 key components are the price & bid amount.

The bid amount is something you don’t need to worry about as we optimise it for you to achieve the best results.
The price, however, is under your control. By having slightly lower rates compared to OTAs, you can ensure more visibility of your hotel ad as well as increase the likelihood of travellers making a booking even if you are not in the first position.

Why are Google Hotel Ads better than PPC ads?

PPC or Pay-per-click advertising requires you to pay for every click regardless whether you get a booking or not. This means you mind end up paying a lot of money without ever seeing any result. Even when you do get bookings, most often the ad spend will be several times of what our fixed commission is.

Travellers will visit several websites before making a booking decision, and it makes it even more likely that you will end up paying for clicks that are unlikely to convert.

This is where the commission model based hotel ads, provided under DJUBO Fireball, take all that unnecessary burden away, by charging for only when they perform.

Moreover, Google Hotel Ads are focused on customer micro moments of when they are ready to book. Which makes them a more relevant touchpoint over regular PPC campaigns.

So,  while we do not discourage anyone from running PPC campaigns, Google Hotel Ads on a fixed commission model, are an absolute no-brainer. Nothing to lose, and everything to gain!



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